Shelf Life
Schemes (CD-R)
Counter-Submarine 2010

1) flexibilty
2) sound discimination
3) atteention to detail
4) repairing
5) concentrating

Shelf Life: Bryan Day, Joseph Jaros, David Moscovich


(Dead Angel) The avant-garde need to wallow in exfoliated sound continues. The latest release from this band (represented on this album by Bryan Day, David Moscovich, and Joseph Jaros) is very much in the same vein as their previous releases. Across five extended improv jams, they use standard and not-so-standard instruments and devices to create inscrutable soundscapes rooted in textural noises and a free-form approach to... well, pretty much everything. Who's doing what? How are they doing it? What the hell is going on? It's anybody's guess, but as improv jams go, these are filled with a vast array of weird sounds and arrangements that best described as intensely loose. You could probably induce madness by listening too closely and trying to decipher the complex auditory codes playing out here, but you're probably better off just kicking back and letting it all wash over you as incidental music. Weird and puzzling, yes... but you expected no less by this point, right? - RKF