Seeded Plain
Sectional (Download / CD-R)
Digital Vomit 2010

1) tidal bearings
2) cloud thistles
3) rotifer waltz

Seeded Plain: Bryan Day + Jay Kreimer


(Dead Angel) Strange sounds, cryptic noises, homemade instruments... it's definitely out there a minute. Recorded in Lincoln, NE by the duo of Jay Kreimer and Bryan Day, the three lonesome-sounding improv sessions on this disc are heavy on mysterious sounds and low (deliberately so) on compositional coherence. This is the sound of controlled randomness and the urge to see what sounds you can make with bizarre instruments of one's own devising. Having seen Day perform live using some really weird sonic contraptions built from found junk, I can only imagine what he and his pal are using to make the bumping, scraping, wailing noises found on this album. The sounds are used in service of relatively spare arrangements -- there's plenty of space in these peculiar soundscapes, not to mention a wide variety of sounds and strategies for parceling out the units of musical information. At the same time, the flow of sound is steady, largely devoid of melody, and tonally unpredictable. Your mother won't like it, but you might. - RKF

(AQDrones)  A very nice disc of improvised electro-acoustic music by this duo from Nebraska. These kind of release’s can behit or miss with me, but this one is great. I think a big part of it for me, growing up as a drummer, is hearing the artist’s natural rhythm. If they don’t have any, an improvised piece like this can be total torture for me. Luckily these guys are fine on that front and use their amazing looking home-made instruments to gently move along the pieces rather than explode straight from the start. The stringed instruments also add much need drones to the junk metal clatter and even things out quite nice. Nice minimal artwork, looking like a woodcut print on maroon cardstock. Well worth a listen! - Andrew Quitter

(Vital Weekly) The other release is a duo one with Jay Kreimer (if I decipher the cover well), as Seeded Plain. Here they are credited with just ‘homemade instruments’. This is pretty much a continuation of the solo disc by Day. Scraping and scratching metal like objects, with very, very occasionally a tiny bit of electronics, which might be a bit of feedback actually. The differences with the Eloine disc are very small, but it seems that Seeded Plain is perhaps a bit more about playing musical notions, and Eloine more into highly abstract textures. Occasionally they hit upon a short rhythm like piece, and throughout these matters are a bit more dynamic. Eloine stays more on a similar volume level, Seeded Plain bounce a bit more between loud and quiet. But played together in one go, I must confess its all a bit much. Nice stuff, should be served in a smaller dose. - Frans de Waard