Bryan Day & Bob Marsh
Crumpled Partials (CD-R)
Green Tape 2013

1) Sea Foam Chatter
2) Upper Diagonals
3) Lateral Breakpoint Assembly
4) Ventilated Layers
5) Fold Pollination
6) Crease Agenda

Bryan Day, Bob Marsh


(Monk Mink Pink Punk) Long time friends Day and Marsh release their first duo record together, combining Day's homemade instruments and Marsh's cello, augmented by bass and guitar. The resulting six pieces of scrapes, pings, knocks, and sounds of electronic processing bring to life an exciting, turbulent "sea foam chatter," to use the title of one of these pieces. I think I can mostly distinguish between the two players, as Marsh's use of effects give his sounds a different quality from Day's mostly unprocessed clanks. These are sounds divorced from instrumental meaning. The two cycle through changes in sound density, busy sections here, quiet sections here. Invigorating. - Josh Ronsen