Seeded Plain
Provincial Stammer (CD-R)
Bug Incision 2013

1) Fibercast
2) Shell Medium
3) Lottery Blanks
4) Mortar Research
5) Wooly Crawl
6) Jog Auto
7) Milk Lodge

Bryan Day, Jay Kreimer


(Volcanic Tongue) Hand-numbered edition of only 75 copies set of “confrontational gamelan theatre” from the duo of Bryan Day and Jay Kreimer: Kreimer and Day construct fleeting metal sculptures that take the brain-bonging potential of tonal percussive instants and marry them to almost Tony Oxley-scale blats, marrying a feel for ritual and ceremony with zippy timbral invention and grinding, erotic, almost-Neubauten scale junk jags. Think N.U. Unruh and Pelt play the songs of the Music Improvisation Company. Excellent.

(Sound Projector) Seeded Plain is a performance duo formed of Bryan Day (the owner of Public Eyesore and Eh? labels) and Jay Kreimer. On Provincial Stammer (BUG INCISION RECORDS bim-63), we’ve got seven recordings made in 2012 where they are playing amplified metal objects to produce an intriguing semi-musical effect. In amongst the nondescript groans, rattles, clanks, and other rather inert sounds, occasional percussive patterns bubble to the surface, along with fragments of broken melodies. Kreimer is also a sculptor and the duo are probably playing some of his home-built instruments. This music isn’t directly comparable to free improvisation, and it’s more about showcasing various unusual and mysterious sounds in a sort of open-ended performance space, allowing the listener to wander around the vaguely-mapped terrain to some degree and draw their own conclusions. This is their fifth album since 2008’s Land Tracts. - Ed Pinsent</p>