Fixtures (C45)
Centipede Farm 2014

Side A
1. Laboratory Exotica
2. Informal Tangents
3. Blossoming Carapace
4. Foxtrot Calcification

Side B
1. Bearberry Disrobes
2. Hesitant Dusk
3. Populist Extremities
4. Crosstalk Re-invited

ADSW: Bryan Day, Jeffrey Alexander, Dylan Shearer, Paul Winstanley


(Raised By Gypsies) I’m not sure what ADSW means and I’m not sure I want to know either. I really do like the idea that someone would create a moniker as a string of letters with no real meaning or at least no reveal their true meaning to those who inquire. “Fixtures” begins as that ambient noise on Side A, which comes out somewhere between aliens and rather quiet drone. Side B is where it really picks up and there is still some quietness to the static in the background but some sounds come out that remind me of Jay Peele. There are also some Darth Vader sounding noises before we turn into what a cross between a tribal and jungle sound, mostly which seems to be the plucking of acoustic guitar strings while keeping the rhythm with the body of the guitar. It is definitely interesting and worth a listen for anyone who is a fan of the noise genre, but also it is best experienced on cassette for optimal enhancement of the overall vibe. - Joshua Macala

(Ad Hoc) I’m assuming this quartet headed into the basement for this one, playing it super loose with a pile of instruments, toys, and shit left over from previous tenants. Ma’ was cooking some spaghetti upstairs for everyone, sauce so spicy they can smell it. Just puts 'em in zones while they build mild brouhahas of kook-a-lot fiddling, nonsense, and *gasp* fun. You'll hear sloshy improv that gets chewed up and spit like chaw into an old High Life can. Shit, this sounds like a bad review, but I actually like it. It has a certain gutter summer romance to it. Good times.