Collision Stories
Those Missing Will Complete Us (CD)
Public Eyesore 2017

1) Part 1
2) Part 2
3) Part 3
4) Part 4
5) Part 5
6) Part 6
7) Part 7
8) Part 8
9) Part 9
10) Part 10

Collision Stories : Bryan Day, Michael Gendreau, Mason Jones, Jorge Bachmann


(Avant Music News) Collision Stories are a quartet of San Francisco sound artists concocting an unorthodox mélange of sounds from an appropriately unorthodox set of instruments. Individually, the four—Jorge Bachmann, Bryan Day, Michael Gendreau and Mason Jones—bring highly varied backgrounds to their collective work. Jones, for example, is a guitarist; at the other end of the instrumental spectrum, Day coaxes sounds from handcrafted intonarumori made of metal measuring tapes, radio transceivers, springs and a miscellany of contact mic'd wood, wire and metal. Put together, the group's sound, as captured on this CD of ten tracks recorded live and in the studio, is an aggregate of elements that are as unclassifiable as they are unidentifiable. Common to all the pieces is a sonic plasticity made of carefully juxtaposed and spaced timbres—sounds of obscure generation impacting each other and then dispersing in a heavily reverberant environment. This is sound that comes very close to the condition of abstract painting: irregular shapes of pure color held together with a finely-tuned dynamism. - Daniel Barbiero