Bad Jazz
Endtable Transmissions (C60)
Tymbal Tapes 2017

Side A
1) Riser, 2) Trace, 3)Vents
4) Follicle, 5) Primes, 6) Wedge
7) Coach, 8) Tide, 9) Corm
10) Lapse

Side B
1) Spare, 2) Motion, 3) Survey
4) Primer, 5) Exclusion, 6) Flask
7) Totem, 8) Strata, 9) Drain

Bad Jazz : Bryan Day, Tania Chen, Ben Salomon
Design by Tiny Little Hammers


(Tiny Mix Tapes) Bad Jazz is not something your colleague Sallah somberly and knowingly says over a dead monkey as Dave Koz plays on the stereo in the background. No, Bad Jazz is the source from which its eponymous antithesis flows, improvisation that invades and engages all the different parts of your brain and doesn't just sit on your chest and fart for half an hour. There isn't even any swinging brass here, no sir – Bad Jazz the performing/recording trio makes their own dang instruments, thank you very much. These entrepreneurial souls have figured out a way to avoid the mundane cul de sacs of "tradition" (although they do use piano sometimes, I suppose) and compose on their own terms. Endtable Transmissions consistently grips you by your lapels and makes you question the very reason for hiring Bad Jazz for your 1920s-themed Halloween party; they should be performing at the afterparty for the Nobel Prize in Physics award ceremony instead. - Ryan Masteller

(KFJC) This project was formed out of NorCal Noisefest in 2014. They are Ben Salomon on percussion and invented instruments, Tania Chen on found objects, toys, and electronics, and Bryan Day also on invented instruments. It sounds like sonic examinations. Their homemade sounds make for some great creative experiences. These are some noise researchers.
- Billie Joe Tolliver