Seeded Plain
Badminton, The Volleys (CD)
Public Eyesore 2023

1. Stepwall Intro
2. Hyderabad One
3. Bangalore
4. Hyderabad Two
1) Jovian Whistlers
2) Myriameter

Seeded Plain is Jay Kreimer and Bryan Day on invented instruments
Trishant Shetty on vocals on Hyderabad Two

Recorded in Baroda, Hyderabad and Bangalore India in October 2022
Mastered by Jeff Kaiser
Photos by Jay Kreimer and Pooja Usha
Cover collage by Jay Kreimer, painted by Rajendra from Kamal Painter, Baroda


(Vital Weekly) Label boss Bryan Day works with Jay Kreimer as Seeded Plain. The day is foremost a sculpture of instruments, boxes, strings, springs and metal, and he improvises with them. A long time ago, I reviewed a solo release of Kreimer (Vital Weekly 782), and he's more of a percussion player. Seeded Plain has existed for some fifteen years now, and I reviewed two of their releases before (Vital Weekly 662 and 763), also a long time ago, so I am a bit blank here. I don't know if there was a long gap in these men playing again or if there was no release (that I received). One short and three long pieces might be too long, clocking in at close to an hour. Seeded Plain's music isn't easy to digest, being a very densely orchestrated mixture of metallic percussion, bowed strings and other electro-acoustic music. It is very collage-like, even when there isn't much through lay and hard edits—more a continuous, subconscious stream of sounds. The music was recorded during Kreimer's Fulbright fellowship in India, so the pieces are named after the location where they performed. I like all four pieces, but especially the last one, 'Hyderabad Two', which contains overtone/throat singing and some subdued electronics, creating quite a different atmosphere. The short opening reminded me of Dome. 'Hyderabad One' and 'Bangalore' are more conventional pieces of improvised electro-acoustic music and not too different, so if one went, the album would be stronger with three variations in approach—still a fine album, of course. - Frans de Waard