Hodgkins + Davis / Day
Self-titled (C60)
Seagull 2002

Les Hodgkins, James Davis, Bryan Day


(Earpiece) split cassette with side a being devoted to the duo/small ensemble acoustic improvisations of hodgkins & davis, primarily on clarinet & guitar, respectively, but augmented thru some overdubbing & a guest (colleen russell on turntable & bowed auto-harp). these pieces are not showy, concentrating on meditative explorations of their instruments. there were sections that caught my attention for longer periods, but mostly it went by while i did other things without causing any irritation. the bryan day solo side (b) worked mainly thru guitar improvisations with some strange sounds setting themselves apart, credited as sculptures, qeej (?), taishogoto and typwriter. i was more interested in the sculptural pieces than i was the solo guitar improvs. the seagull label continues to be highly active in the area of experimental/improvised noise artists. - Will Soderberg